My work

My work reflects my fascination with signs, symbols and mythology; it’s an exploration of how these visual remains connect with modern life; what persists and what gets reinterpreted, misinterpreted and edited. By collecting familiar signs I try to depict new narratives that comment on Politics, Religion and Gender.

It’s also about the examination of multiple layers of occupation; the shifting interpretation of the Near Eastern Myths that have shaped our culture over time, and the way that these shifts in turn have influenced our ‘contructs’ of Gender in the present. Some previous work (Exhibit A) has taken the form of ‘assemblages’ using mixed media with an emphasis on slip casting, ceramic transfer and inlay as a vehicle for describing layers of meaning, occupation and change. Recent work uses Southern Ice porcelain and makes reference to ancient shapes and forms to mirror my interests in the past.

Some of my work continues to be inspired by the forms of Pilgrim Flasks used across the ancient world but I am also working towards a collection to be shown at the Oriental Museum in Durham in September that draws upon their Egyptian and middle eastern artefacts; both those on show and in storage. I use a porcelain body, press moulded semi-circular forms, adding handles and necks then working with Inlay, Shellac Resist and final applications of hand made transfers.

Other work is a bit more playful, small embossed pots, soap dishes and lanterns using shellac resist and patterns influenced by a trip to India.


I’m taking part in this years North Yorkshire Open Studio’s – 6th and 7th; 13th and 14th June at Beech Cottage Markington with work on sale, demonstrations and refreshments.

You can also see my work at this years Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair at the old Granada TV studios in Manchester  – 8th to the 11th October and then at The Courthouse, Thirsk on the 28th and 29th November.


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