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My work reflects my fascination with signs, symbols and mythology; it’s an exploration of how these visual remains connect with modern life; what persists and what gets reinterpreted, misinterpreted and edited. By collecting familiar signs I try to depict new narratives that comment on Politics, Religion and Gender.

It’s also about the examination of multiple layers of occupation; the shifting interpretation of the Near Eastern Myths that have shaped our culture over time, and the way that these shifts in turn have influenced our ‘contructs’ of Gender in the present. Some previous work (Exhibit A) has taken the form of ‘assemblages’ using mixed media with an emphasis on slip casting, ceramic transfer and inlay as a vehicle for describing layers of meaning, occupation and change. Recent work uses Southern Ice porcelain and makes reference to ancient shapes and forms to mirror my interests in the past.

The MA work was inspired by the forms of Pilgrim Flasks used across the ancient world, often inscribed with Saintly images but here used as a vehicle to comment on our perceptions of Athletes during the Olympic games. Here certain Athletes are portrayed on commemorative flasks as if they were Mythic products suggesting that they might not be remembered for their athletic prowess. I use a porcelain body, press moulded into semi-circular forms, adding handles and necks then working with Inlay, Shellac Resist and final applications of hand made transfers. The Terracotta work is unfettled in rough contrast to the porcelain but mirrors their flask shape.

Latest work explores Christianity’s unresolved relationship with Women in the light of the election of a ‘traditionalist’ Pope, specifically how one could address world poverty whilst rejecting the idea of Women’s Reproductive rights; as the Vatican did during the 2013 UN Conference on Women. I also work with silver, found stones/rocks and precious stones but have concentrated on a return to Ceramics whilst working towards my MA.

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